Kickstarting a Music Career

Getting your music career off the ground. Some basic tips for you here. Image via Free Great Picture.

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Getting a music career off the ground isn’t easy. There are thousands of people out there right now fighting for their music to be heard. That said, you should never abandon your dreams. Even if you’re not about to become the next Ed Sheeran or Adele, you can still gain a fanbase and make some money from your passion simply by taking a professional stance. Here are just a few ways to find your feet as a musical artist.

Play some gigs

Playing live is still the best way to get yourself heard. Contact some local venues and use your connections to find supporting slots. Play enough gigs and you’ll start getting dedicated fans whilst making money. In order to get comfortable playing live try out busking, try playing in local bars or play to local friends and family.

Sites such as Music Industry How To have some great guides for developing stage presence. Remember that no band sells out on their first show – some of the biggest acts rose to fame through slow and steady touring.

Steal some studio time

Having a recorded song/EP/album should be your next step. There are plenty of pieces of software out there for bedroom producers wanting to take the DIY approach, but if you haven’t got the patience to learn all these production skills grabbing some studio time could be the best option.

Many recording studios may offer a free hour taster session or seasonal discounts on studio time. Make use of these promotions and get yourself a professionally recorded track or album that you can then promote.

Distribute your music

Once you have recorded music, you’ll want to get it distributed. Many Companies are out there ready to help you get your music copied onto CDs that you can then sell on a website or at gigs. Most people are listening to music online so consider mediums such as iTunes and Spotify too. Free mediums such as Soundcloud and Youtube are great for just getting your music out there.

Consider a PR company

A music PR company can help send your music to media outlets, potentially getting your some radio airplay, interviews and reviews from publications. Look online for established companies and check out reviews and testimonials to see who they’ve worked with in the past.

Some PR companies are more specialized to certain genres such as rock or hip hop. PR doesn’t work for everyone and can be costly. For those on a budget, consider looking for PR services on sites such as Fiverr.

Remember to market yourself

No matter how many companies you try and use, nothing will work if you’re not trying to also actively market yourself. You can save a lot of money simply by using social media, creating a website and promoting yourself whilst touring.

By coming up with creative promotional strategies of your own and creating a strong personality and angle for yourself, you’ll eventually get people interested. Remember that fame often isn’t achieved overnight.

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